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Benefits of a paraffin treatment
Paraffin for hands and feet is incredibly beneficial thanks to its moisturizing and moisturizing properties. From the first application you will be able to see its revitalizing effects and thus achieve a softer, brighter and more beautiful appearance.

These are some advantages that your skin will show if you start using paraffin as a beauty treatment.

Deep hydration
The paraffin for hands and feet causes moisture to rise to the most superficial layers of the dermis. This allows deep and internal hydration, capable of reaching the driest skin, which has lost elasticity, shine and softness.

Relaxing effect
An advantage parallel to the aesthetic effects of paraffin is that it acts as a powerful vasodilator on the area where it is applied. Likewise, it improves blood circulation and, thanks to its temperature, it generates a relaxing effect that also relieves pain and discomfort.

Thanks to its deep hydration, paraffin repairs cracks and scales caused by extreme dryness.

Barrier against dryness
Another great benefit of paraffin is that it creates a kind of protective film on the skin, which retains natural moisture in the inner layers of the dermis and achieves deeper and more lasting nutrition.