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Why use it?

Sage sticks help purify your environment and your mind.

This plant inspires peace and harmony thanks to its relaxing and antiseptic properties. This sacred plant promotes relaxation and meditation.

Also available in mini format.

How to use it ?

Light a candle. Place the incense in the flame and let it set. Then blow to extinguish it to obtain the divine white smoke .


100% Natural Incense

Our engagement

All Sentara Holistic incense is responsibly grown and handcrafted.

Benefits of Sacred Incenses

From the first use


Helps relaxation

The smell of smoke invites the body to relax muscles and nerves.


Promotes calmness of mind

Ideal for starting a meditation or a moment of calm at home or at your workplace.


Increases your introspection skills

Used for its virtues, it is known for its important place in rituals of personal transformation and healing.