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Why use it?

Palo Santo sticks help purify your environment and your mind.

This natural incense from South America (Peru) inspires peace and harmony thanks to its woody scent. This sacred wood promotes relaxation and meditation.

How to use it ?

Light a candle. Place the stick in the flame and let it set then blow to extinguish it in order to obtain the divine white healing smoke.


100% Palo Santo Wood - Natural and ethical

Our engagement

Thanks to know-how passed down over several generations, all Palo Santo Sentara Holistic wooden sticks come from the collection of naturally fallen female trees. The gender of the tree is very important because it is the females which contain the sap with purifying properties.


Helps relaxation

The smell of smoke invites the body to relax muscles and nerves.


Promotes calmness of mind

Ideal for starting a meditation or a moment of calm at home or at your workplace.


Increases your introspection skills

Used by shamans in Latin America, it is known for its important place in rituals of personal transformation and healing.