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Oxygen is one of the most essential elements for life. The oxygen that we inhale from the air around us helps keep our body and skin free from impurities and toxins. With age, the oxygen levels in our skin naturally decline, which contributes to dehydration, laxity, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and fine lines. 

Oxygen therapy helps nourish your skin cells with the oxygen and nutrients needed to aid in skin cell metabolism. While also promoting collagen and elastin production within the skin, improve blood circulation, reduce fine lines & wrinkles and increase the skin's hydration levels leaving your skin feeling plump, rejuvenated and radiant without any down time.


Oxygen infusion is a specialised skin therapy treatment designed to replenish the levels of hydration in your skin, while also plumping and smoothing your appearance.

Ionised ampoules are used in conjunction with an oxygen infusion gun to gently mist serums such as peptides, botanicals, antioxidants, skin brighteners and hydration, along with pure pressurized oxygen molecules deep into the skins layers.

An Oxygen Infusion treatment is the perfect pre-event treatment because of the instant hydration and luminosity it produces in your skin, while also benefiting from increased circulation, skin texture, skin detoxification, restored cell nourishment, and stimulation of collagen production leaving the skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. 


Our dome treatment is an Oxygen & Ion generator. It can turn natural air into 90% pure Oxygen and 3 million anions (negative ions), delivered through the dome-shaped mask in a hyperbaric-like chamber.

Anions are "vitamins from air", similar to what you get in a deep forest. Anions have the ability to reduce reactive oxygen species (a primary source of skin ageing), revitalise cells, improve our circulatory system, and improve the body's response to healing.

They stabilise free radicals which in turn regenerate new cells, reduce bacteria, rebalance PH levels, improve signs of ageing and correct and heal damaged cells.

Oxygen infusion, dome, are safe to be done more frequently. 

Oxygen infusion, dome are suitable for all skin types, including pregnant and nursing clients.