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JetPeel Treatment in Marbella


Jet peel Exfoliates, hydrates, rejuvenates... in a single gesture!!
The best treatment to revitalize your skin instantly. An oxygen shower with a plus of vitamins.
It is an advanced aesthetic treatment device for non-invasive skin care that exfoliates, hydrates and rejuvenates. Suitable for all skin types, all seasons and a wide range of aesthetic specialties. A revolution in skin care devices: The physics behind this device is simple: JETPEEL saline solution, peeling and the active ingredient that the skin needs, accelerates it using pressurized air, at supersonic speeds and with a handpiece Patented special system breaks the accelerated liquid into micro-droplets.

Only equipment with a world patent and FDA certified. Medical study that proves its effectiveness.

✔ Exfoliate

✔ Moisturizes

✔ Illuminates

-Anti-aging treatment
-Skin rejuvenation
-Deep cleaning
-Hydration and exfoliation
-Oily skin
-Acne treatment
-Lymphatic drainage through exfoliation to needle-free subdermal therapy

JetPeel Treatment in Marbella