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Intensive facial oil concentrated in antioxidants for face, neck and décolleté. What are you doing? It has an extraordinary capacity to block the emission of free radicals and protect cellular DNA against pollution and environmental stress causing premature aging of the skin and cumulative damage. Leaves a soft and velvety texture on the skin, with a soft floral scent. What effects do you have on the skin? Reduces wrinkles , lines of expression, improves the texture and flexibility of the skin, unifies the tone, provides luminosity and protects against solar radiation and internal blemishes. Renew and regeneratepunished skins, accelerating the healing process. Provides the necessary hydrolipidic balance to strengthen the skin's protective barrier function, reducing transepidermal water loss and increasing hydration levels and skin defenses, maintaining its adequate bacterial flora and optimal pH. Where does it apply? Face, neck and décolleté. What will you feel? You will notice a velvety touch on your skin and a soft floral aroma thanks to its natural perfume with essential oils.

How to use: Apply 4-6 drops on the fingers or directly one drop on the forehead and one on each cheek, and 2-3 drops on the neck-decollete without the pipette touching the skin.

Apply to the face and neck giving a gentle massage with upward movements. Don't forget the neckline!