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Powerful anti-wrinkle cream of the latest generation, its innovative formula offers an extraordinary contribution of elasticity to aged skin, and Skin Moments that show signs of tightness and constant lack of comfort. Its particular texture, light and quickly absorbed, favors the correct assimilation of the active ingredients, increasing their hydration power, without leaving residues or occluding the skin, achieving immediate and effective results.

It acts intensely on all types of wrinkles, even the deepest ones. Smoothes the epidermis, offering a fresh and renewed appearance. Offers immediate comfort.

Its daily application in synergy with the treating milk and P50 lotion adapted to Instant Skin, rejuvenates aged skin, and prevents the appearance of wrinkles:

- As a rejuvenation cure for mature skin, it is advisable to apply a few drops of Serum 3R daily, and then complete the treatment with Crème Elastine, morning and night.

- As a comfort cure for dehydrated and dry skin that shows evident signs of tightness, it is advisable to complete the treatment with TEWL Serum before applying Crème Elastine.

- As an intensive anti-wrinkle treatment, and to preserve the skin's youth capital, it is highly recommended to use Fluide Complexe Royal daily, after applying Crème Elastine.